Live Online Instructor Led Webinars

WebBuzz.6  Buzzwords, Jargon, Acronyms, and Neologisms (3 hours) CIMCE# L5209

Ah… idioms! New slang, old slang.  How can sick be cool... or gross?  Baffled? Welcome to American English!  This one’s a doozy… and a lot of fun!

Dates:     Mar 02, Jun 22, Sep 21, Nov 09

Time:      5:45 P.M. (Pacific Time)

WebLex.6   Legal Stuff… Just for Us Terps! (3 hours)  CIMCE# L5210 

Do you at times feel uncertain about what a legal term really means? Does legal slang stump you?  Does Latin make you sort of dizzy? No worries.  We’ve got you covered!  Join us for a sure cure of leges vertigo… in large print and plain English!

Dates:     Mar 16, Jun 29, Sep 28, Nov 16

Time:      5:45 P.M. (Pacific Time)

WebEthics.6   Our Own Canons and Scenarios (3 hours)  CIMCE# L5211

This one sure gets lively!  Nothing like controversial ethics scenarios to get the virtual hackles and danders way up… in a truly good way.  Join us for some real and hypothetical thought-provoking what-would-you-do-if… and chime in!

Dates:     Mar 30, Jul 13, Oct 12, Nov 30

Time:      5:45 P.M. (Pacific Time)

WebRX.6   Medical Stuff… Just for Us Terps! (3 hours) CIMCE# L5212

Blood and gore, it isn’t.  Word!  This serious-minded yet hardly intense webinar aims to familiarize interpreters with health-specific terminology (a.k.a medical terms) in both their formal and informal versions.  We’ll mix in syndromes and conditions, health-related neologisms, and selected body parts.  We promise it won’t hurt!

Dates:     Apr 13, Jul 20, Oct 19, Dec 07

Time:      5:45 P.M. (Pacific Time)

WebVocab.6   Those Pesky Foreign Englishes! (3 hours)  CIMCE# L5213 

So… English is English right? Or so you’d think. Join us in a fun explanation of “foreign” English as we introduce one and all to Aussie speak, Bayan Lingo, and Canuk talk… and we’ll even  throw in some British beauts just to spice things up!

Dates:     Apr 27, Jul 27, Oct 26, Dec 14

Time:      5:45 P.M. (Pacific Time)

Distance Learning On Demand Non-Instructor Led Seminars

Cyber Vocab.6 (I) & Cyber Vocab.5 (II) (3 hours each)  CIMCE# 5214 & 5215

No self-respecting interpreter seminar series, distance learning or otherwise, would be complete without a vocabulary section.  And we have two, yes… TWO! alluring multiple choice on demand lexical bonanzas of often confused terms, foreign-based words, a pinch of grammar, even a neologism or two… which translates into a whole lot of fun and new interesting terms to add to your growing glossary!

Cyber Buzz.6 (3 hours each)  CIMCE# 5216

This boffo multiple choice cyber series really takes the cake.  Check it out!  You’ll see why we think this baby gets the über nod with its new and old slang, similar sounding idioms, cyber terms, and newspeak!  Rumor has it you’ll burn the midnight oil without one itsy bitsy bit of kvetching.  Your noodle will get one slammin’ workout!!

Cyber RX.6 (3 hours)  CIMCE# 5217

Colleague… challenge thyself! Our all medical multiple choice distance learning seminar makes the cyber rounds once again!  Now, don’t go all high blood pressure I–can’t-do-medical-stuff!  Give it an intramuscular shot and exercise that grey matter!  Before long, progeria, rhinion, lithtripsy and kindred terms will be infused into your very own quotidian lexicon.

Cyber Lex.6 (3 hours)  CIMCE# 5218

Our ALL LEGAL multiple choice bona fide de jure distance learning seminar makes another cyber appearance, in propia persona and per se, no less!  We summon one and all amici curiae (sans warrant, no worries!) to cease and desist absconding from the foreseeable risk of the benefits derived from the acquisition of lex-related lexicon. 

Cyber enEspañol.6 (3 hours)  CIMCE# 5219

Our one and only language-specific Cyber en Español is here to stay!  I sure wish I could replicate this baby into a bunch of languages for all my great OTS colleagues, ’cause I sure as heck had fun putting it together!   We’ve mixed high register words, legal terms, general vocab, idiomatic expressions, and my favorite… ”in-my-country-we-call-it” for your investigative placer.  Salud!

Cyber Mix.6 (3 hours)  CIMCE# 5222

We’re for sure mixing it up with Cyber Mix… our newest cyber addition... a redux of an oldie but goodie! This repurposed potpourri of borrowed terms and etymological beauts with cross-cultural smatterings has all the makings of a terp favorite!

Cyber Ethics.6 (3 hours)  CIMCE# 5220

Cyber Ethics.6 (a)(1 hour)  CIMCE# 5221

Last, but definitely, absolutely, positively not least… Our very own Cyber Ethics… both a long and a short version.  We even diverted from our traditional multiple choice format to only two choices: Cool, or… not so cool?  In way too real court life scenarios we are challenged to ask… would this be Cool, or… not so cool?  No worries.  We’ll provide the ethics guides.