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"I just wanted to say that your seminars are instructive and entertaining, and led me to dust off every reference book I own from the Maria Moliner to my Dictionary of American Slang.  The internet proved invaluable for many entries.  It is always good for interpreters to be ever more nimble cyber researchers.

Keep up the great work!"

- Annetta R.

WA Interpreter

"The Seminars are a blast!"

- Mauri F.

CA Interpreter

"It is just that I get my free time on such an irregular basis, in fits and starts, so it is nice if I have some lead time to start working on the tests.  Incidentally, I LOVE them! I would almost as soon do one of your tests as read or eat chocolate, and definitely better than a cross word puzzle!"

- Jenny K.

CA Interpreter

"Thanks for everything.  I thoroughly enjoyed each and every course.  I made the right decision to come back to American Pie this year also!"

- Victor S.

CA Interpreter

"This evening has been a roller coaster! Thank you so so much.  You have no idea how much I enjoyed all these webinars.  I will definitely be doing all my training with you!"

- Miguel P.

FL Interpreter

"I really enjoyed working on the material!!! Thank you for all the work you have put into these distance learning seminars, they make learning fun and you don't even have to leave the house."

- Margarita S.

CA Interpreter

"It was the perfect balance.  Even with the use of internet, which at times makes things "too easy" to find, some of the questions require to research not only the single word contained in the question, but all four suggested answers.  Brilliantly planned! I love these exercises in general and this selection in particular (Vocabulary)!"

- Alejandro A.

CA Interpreter

"I always enjoy your webinars, both instructor-led and non-instructor.  You manage to make your courses fun, interesting, informative, and stimulating!  You rock!!!"

- Marina F.

CA Interpreter

"Tensi, you are awesome.  I appreciate you so much. Thank you... Your classes are so informational.  I learned so much from the materials.  You are continuing to amaze me with well researched and prepared terms and challenges.  On top of that, you have gone extra miles to assist your students (me) through unexpected difficult times (death in the family and surgery) this year.  I can't thank you enough."

- Ann S.

CA Interpreter

"Hard, but not impossible.  I enjoyed the challenge, and learned a few things.  Thank you for the labor of love coming up with these excellent lessons."

- Vicente E.

CA Interpreter

"Another great webinar by Tensi, very informative and well conducted.  Lots of participation and a great way for us to get our continuing education credits at the comfort of our homes or place of work (like me).  Thank you!"

- Luis E.

CA Interpreter

"It's a good exercise in fine-tuning our use and understanding of English.  And it encourages us to explore."

- Carlo T.

WA Interpreter

"Thank you Tensi, your seminar was excellent and the time flies every single time I take one."

- Claudia R.

FL Interpreter

"Very nice presentation.  I learned a lot and was surprised in that I thought it would be quite boring; instead it was very instructive.  Thanks."

- Peter P.

MD Interpreter

"A real brain gym session!  Thanks for the challenge! Love your work! Looking forward to the next."

- Cira P.

FL Interpreter

"I really enjoyed your five CIMCE courses.  These webinars have helped me greatly by offering a convenient way to fulfill continuing education requirements.  More importantly, they offer abundant and beneficial information to any interpreter looking to expand his or her professional horizons.  Thank you for being patient, professional, and an excellent instructor, and for sharing your knowledge and all the encouragement that you kindly provide.

- Fawzi K.

CA Interpreter

"I enjoyed the ethics workshop, and I learned a lot.  Thank you for having such productive and entertaining workshops!"

- Anthony B.

WA Interpreter

"The WebVocab.4 is a very interesting class.  It is very informational and interesting.  Tensi does not waste any words or time when she is teaching.  She is very professional.  Her deep knowledge of the English language encourages me to explore more of the different facets of the language.  It's amazing how the influence of the languages intertwined in many ways to arrive at our current form of the English language.  Thank you Tensi for the lively evening."

- Maria C.

MD Interpreter

"Thank you.  I loved the course, especially because there were so many experienced people on and because of the realistic scenarios.  Looking forward to the upcoming courses."

- Elizabeth G.

MD Interpreter

"I got addicted to the game like downing a cold coke on a sizzling day.  Even shared some with my 8-year-old daughter who loved it too.  Big thanks!"

- Sarah S.

CA Interpreter

"Thanks to the wonderful team who made this event a successful one.  Webinar host was very informed about the subject, professionally engaging the participants in a lively discussion and experience sharing.  Absolutely satisfied with the subject matter and scenarios.  Looking forward to participating in another one."

- Nevine I.

MD Interpreter

"The Webinar last Tuesday is my very first webinar ever.  Prior to the date and time, I was very apprehensive of the connection because my laptop is quite old.  I was pleasantly surprised that it went very smoothly without any hiccups.  This is definitely a great way to learn and to fulfill the CIMCE requirement.  I totally enjoyed the 3 hours of presentation.  Well done!"

- Waikuan W.

CA Interpreter

"It was a great presentation with a lot of discussion about different types of "conflict of interest" scenarios.  I like the fact that there was enough time to discuss all possible scenarios and how to resolve them."

- Jannette R.

NM Interpreter

"I am absolutely loving your seminars! I continue to learn something new each and every time!  Thanks for the "quality" that you provide.  I can see that you really make the special effort to provide us with terns (etymology and origin) that continue to help us grow as interpreters!  Keep up the great work, it's greatly appreciated!"

- Isabel B.

CA Interpreter

"I really enjoy these webinars because I actually learn from the comfort of my own home.  Thank you American Pie!!!"

- Miriam J.

NV Interpreter

"It was a real pleasure to participate in the Legal WebLex.5 last Tuesday.  I enjoyed it so much that I stayed the extra 15 minutes with your Maryland participants.  Thank you for a very pleasant learning experience."

- Jocelyne V.

FL Interpreter

"You are succeeding beautifully in walking that fine line of not too difficult, but yet relevant and not widely known by all.  I am always learning from you."

- Myriam-Rose K.

CA Interpreter

"Another great webinar.  Very informative, lots of unique idioms that can be easily confused if we are not careful.  In addition to the well executed webinar, I am also always impressed by the professionalism of the logistics: Tensi and the team seem to be everywhere.  Helping with everything from requirements tracking, making sure that everyone gets maximum credits, technical issues, all the way to registration.  And always displaying positive attitudes.  Even though I am sure they have heard it all a million times, Thank You!"

- Livia J.

CA Interpreter

"Tensi, you make these webinars VERY engaging, thank you so much!"

- Violeta D.

CA Interpreter

"I enjoyed the seminars very much.  Tensi is very good at having us involved.  This helps us stay alert and learn a lot about the topic. Thank you very much, Tensi, your rock!!!"

- Monica G.

MD Interpreter

Excellent! Well prepared!

Well documented! Challenging! Lots of new things to learn!! 

This was my first live webinar. As with the distant-learning-on-demand-/cyber seminars, I find these the most challenging continued education possibilities, through which I can add so much more knowledge. Never boring. I am always excited about what the next page will bring! It is amazing to realize, how many language nuances/words I still don't know!

It is obvious that a lot of prep work was invested in each and every seminar, and I would like to thank you for making that effort It takes a lot of preparation!

Truly a wonderful learning experience. 

- Crisitina L. 

TN Interpreter

"I just want to reiterate what I think I say every year: Tensi’s courses are lively, informative, learned, and useful. I am keenly aware of the many hours of research and study that are required to put together a 3 hour course (which went by very quickly, btw!). I also congratulate Tensi on her good humor and patience. You provide great service… I look forward to taking more courses in the future."

- Diana M.

WA Interpreter

"I so enjoyed my classes with you! 
You have completed another year of wonderful teaching. I am grateful I get to learn from you!"

- Rosa I.

CA Interpreter

"Thank you for a very fun, informative, and interesting webinar. The amount of careful and creative preparation that you put into it was quite evident."

- Chris A.

WA Interpreter

"Being at your webinars makes me happy, happy, happy!"

- Genevieve N.

CA Interpreter

"Bravo! What a fabulous webinar! Thank you!"

- Zoya S.

CA Interpreter

"Great seminar! Thank you very much!"

- Maria B.

CA Interpreter

"Thanks for making these classes so much fun!"

- Conchita B.

CA Interpreter

"As always, super entertaining and instructional! Thank you!"

- Sonia F.

CA Interpreter

"Another great webinar, Tensi!"

- Andy T.

CA Interpreter

"Enjoyed it immensely, Tensi. Thank you! I learned a lot."

- Caroline C.

CA Interpreter

"Thank you, Tensi! Loved it!r entertaining and instructional! Thank you!"

- Pat L.

CA Interpreter

"Thanks! It was extremely informative and enjoyable."

- Joshua K.

PA Interpreter

"Terrific webinar. I will take more of them!"

- Mark M.

MD Interpreter

"Thanks for the great class!"

- Rosa A.

CA Interpreter

"This was so interesting and enlightening! I’ve been through many of these scenarios."

- Maria G.

CA Interpreter

"Thank you! The last scenario and Lorie’s answer is a gold nugget I will keep with me forever!"

- Susana S.

WA Interpreter

"The only regret I have is that this is my last webinar for the season with you! Thank you for wonderful times!"

- Klara R.

CA Interpreter

"I really enjoyed your class. Very useful for court interpreters to share their own experiences in different (ethics) scenarios. I definitely will refer your class to colleagues!"

- Jenny T.

CA Interpreter

"Thank you very much for a very interesting and amazing WebEthics last Tuesday. Class participation was great. The topic was terrific and informative. The instructor was wonderful. Looking forward to your next

- Sak V.

CA Interpreter

"Thanks very much, Tensi. It was a good class and the interaction amongst the participants was very educational."

- Goli K.

CA Interpreter

"As always, you aced it with such an informative and fun seminar. Chockful of information I was not aware of. Thank you so much for such an excellent presentation!"

- Sonia V.

CA Interpreter

"I really enjoy the format of your courses, the great organization, and the convenience of connecting through the link provided. In addition, the content of all your webinars is dynamic and you are a good presenter. I found the information you presented to be interesting and useful. I’m looking forward to the next webinar."

- Raquel B.

CA Interpreter

"It was great, Tensi. Mostly new information for me. I took notes which I’ve already included in my medical glossary."

- Emma R.

CA Interpreter

"The certificate for WebRx.7 has been received and thank you for being so prompt in sending it.
Thank you very much also for yet another enjoyable, informative class. The pacing was excellent, and the activities were relevant and helped keep the focus on the business at hand. I appreciate your dedication and organization (and energy!) as well as the service you provide to your fellow interpreters.!"

- Blake W.

CA Interpreter

"Thanks for another set of fun and lexicologically interesting set of classes!"

- Lorie T.

CA Interpreter

"Thank you for an excellently prepared seminar, offering new knowledge and making it entertaining at the same time. Thank you for all the effort you put into these seminars!"

- Chris D.

CA Interpreter

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